12 Colors Maple Leaves Sequins, Autumn Leaf Shape Nail Art Sequins, Manicure Nails Glitter, Leaf Nail Sequin Splarkly Paillettes, Makeup Decoration

Material: Maple leaf glitter is made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials. Does not cause any damage to the skin, even to sensitive skin.
What you can get: The package comes with 12 jars in 12 different colors. Each model is packed in a pot with a good seal to protect it from any spillage.
EASY TO START: Fall leaf shaped nail art glitter is perfect for natural or artificial nails. And can be combined with all UV gel nail polish, DIP powder and any nail powder.
Holiday Gift: A great gift for your girlfriends, mom, wife. can also use to decorate other things.
Easy Application – Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails, even if you are not that familiar with nail design, you can apply it easily. It saves time and the effect is just as amazing.


-The best gift for your girlfriends, mom, wife.

-Environmentally friendly materials for women and children.

-Suitable for party, winter, daily fall decoration.

How to use:

1. Prep your nails with UV base coat and cure them under UV / LED lamp.

2. Apply UV color gel (do not harden).

3. Apply glitter / glitter on your nails.

4. Cure it under uv / led lamp.

5. Seal it with UV topcoat and cure it under UV / LED lamp.

Source: Maple Leaves Sequins

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