Butterfly Confetti Glitter Laser Sequins for DIY Crafts

Butterfly-shaped glitter confetti, holographic sequins, have high brightness and color retention, its surface is smooth and reflects multiple colors
Shape: Butterfly, Size: 3mm
Suitable for craft projects, nail arts, body and face makeup, etc.
You can also use them to decorate your home, table confetti, cell phone case, gift bags, glasses, cardboard, etc. You can make a beautiful decoration with these confetti stars

– Tips for girls makeup –

Drip sparkly glitter at festivals with glamorous glitter tears under the eyes or on the cheekbones for a reflective ready club night.

On the body, sprinkle a little on the clavicles and arms for a super sparkly effect, perfect for weddings and evening glamor.

To create adorable DIY crafts, such as ornaments for shoes, wedding dresses, jeans, phone cases, cars, etc.

Perfect for stage performances, nights out, proms, costume parties, etc.

– 8 Steps to Make Your Beauty Sequin Nails –

Polish and clean the nails as a normal manicure process.

1.Choose your nail polish color.

2.Choose the color of your sequin. They should go together, the color contrast should be fine.

3. Apply a base coat. You need it to protect your nails.

4. Apply two thin coats of your chosen nail polish.

5.Press the sequins on your nails.

6.If the sequins are small, just spread them over your nails.

7. Alternatively, wait for the nail polish to dry. Then use nail glue to stick the sequins.

8. Apply a top coat to prevent the sequins from falling off.

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