Portable Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill Machine Polisher Manicure Pedicure

The super-fast process of getting your nails done – it’s time to experience the benefits that technology brings to nail polishing! Instead of wasting precious minutes on underperforming drills and the wrong products, use the portable electric nail drill and speed up your nail making process up to 45 minutes!
Always know how much battery is in the tank – if you are using our drill, you can never run out of battery in the middle of the process. The indicator always shows how long it can last before needing to be recharged. If you charge the battery to the maximum, it can work for up to 10 hours!
Uses both outlets – it doesn’t matter where you are and which outlet you are using, as the nail drill can use both types of voltages available. Our product can operate on any voltage between 110V and 240V, which makes it extremely universal
Premium motor and multi-purpose machine – the motor of the drill is made in Japan, which guarantees long product life. Although the product comes with four of its own tips, you can also use other tips to increase its compatibility and achieve the perfect balance of power and performance.
Six colors that match any decor – the compact design makes the extremely portable and easy to move around. In addition to that, you can choose from six available colors, including classic black, yellow, red, blue, lime, and brown. We are sure you will find the one that will match the decor of your bedroom or living room

Product features overview:

Durable battery
Extremely versatile
Six colors available
Shortens your nail making process up to 45 minutes

The rechargeable electric nail drill has a durable battery that can provide 8-10 hours of work without recharging. It is rechargeable and only takes two hours to completely renew its energy. There is no need to worry if it will stop while you are working. The battery indicator always shows how much energy is left in the tank.

The product is available in six available colors, including black, brown, green, blue, red and yellow. They all have the same features and performance and the choice is only up to your taste. The power outlet used for the rechargeable cordless manicure pedicure electric nail drill can be 110V to 240V.

The drill comes with four nail bits included. However, it can also accommodate your own bits, which increases its versatility. You can use it to shape and smooth the acrylic overlay, smooth and cut the crest of the tip, as well as cleaning the space under the free edge and the nails themselves.

The maximum power that the drill can achieve is 35 watts and there is a button to switch between front and back for easy control. You also have a dial to set the desired speed and power. Whichever setting you choose, you’ll be delighted once you realize how quiet the engine is. Designed in Japan, the motor does not vibrate and is extremely quiet.
The high quality of the components used makes the product suitable for use in salons. The Rechargeable Cordless Electric Nail File for Manicure Pedicure will reduce the time required to make a full set of nails for up to 45 minutes.

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